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Mr.Chetan Parekh B.E. (EC),The Corporate Geomancer

Geomancy PTSD Solutions Pvt Ltd

Blessed Research for Corporates to Common Man - Geocosmancy 
from Mr. Chetan Parekh  BE, CFM 
(Wolrds only Paranormal Area detector and Resolver using Scieitific Way)

The Most dangerous and killing invisible Natural radiations present all around the space and land and widely resposible for all kinds of Human problems related to health and prosperity. 

(1) Earth Radiation section :

•Also know as Geopathic stress or Cancer Lines or Earth Radiation or Earth electric current. Emerges from centre of earth from melting metals.
•Radiation from Human bones , Animal bones buried under the earth surface.
•Radiation from negative minerals like Uranium, Radon etc.
•Radiation from Live entities under the earth know as Infra Red killer.
•Radiation from unknown areas and other energy field.  +Ad`

(2) Space Radiation Section :

•Radiation known as Infra red also known as ghost Orbs and invisible Entities frequency wavelength of 13 cm on Lecher Antenna.
•Radiation known as Ultra violets also know as Black Magic frequency wavelength of 3.33 cm on Lecher Antenna.
•All Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation . and radiation from wood, cotton and leather.
•Earlier paranormal presence was considered as spiritual definition only but after deep research by EU and Other scientists, it is now proved that invisible conscious energies are very active and effecting cosmic energy balance of human stay which is highly needed for soul and positive behavior. Such live entities must be detected and removed using Scientific Paranormal shifter invented by Mr. Chetan Parekh in India.

(3) Human Body Section :

•Low Bio energy or cumulative chakra energy .
•Low Auric field around the human body.
•Live infrared presence around the body ( Ghost IR)
•Live Ultraviolet presence around the body ( harmful Black magic Frequency in the body).

(4) Radiation from outer Planets( Human Luck):

•It is also proved that Sun, Moon, Jupiture, Saturn and all other known unknown planets interfere with Earth Electro Magnetic field and hence interfering with Human DNA EMF field.
•This may change action, behavior and nature of Human body considerably.

One of the most advanced and surprising research resulted in to a shocking positive performance for all the people including corporates, Homes, Offices, Factories, Plants, Hotels, Hospitals,   malls,Temples  and many  other sites.  It is nothing but a miracle  of physics  engineering  molecules   and atoms  resulted in to great enviornmental changes which leads to joy and happiness. 

(Please Go through All Menus to get complete idea of Geocosmancy)

  • The Science of Geo ( Earth Harmful Killer Radiations) and  Cosmos ( Space Energy for soul and DNA) which is must for Healthy and Efficient Human Behaviour. 

  • Not satisfied with Vastu, Fengshui and other Imaginary conventional Methods Result ????

  • "Success is Not Just Human Luck, It is also highly  related with Land luck and Space Luck where you stay and work"

  • Try Once in your Life to know the concept of Actual Core science behind all these 7000 years of Dowsing History to clear Land and Space problems including Paranormal Detection(Live IR/UV frequency ) and Scientific Methods of removing it within a fraction, Unique in the World. 

  • Do not just only spend money for Architecture and Interiors for your Dream Site But also spare little Amount for   "  Protection against Natural invisible Rays and Create huge positive molecules Shifting at your site".
  • All conventional Methods of testing Positivity in environment for Home, Office, Factory, Direction and Vastu etc are not enough to solve problems of highly stressed Human Life and other  metaphysical and Paranormal products. 

  • Using Highly precise Physics Equipments like Scanners, Nano Frequency Antenna, Digital Mete, ELF/EMF meters, Paranormal Detections etc . FOr using some equipments , operators must be having high ethical and honest brain and third eye advisable to open by more than 80%. 

  • Worlds only research based supplier of Units to remove all sites problems to gather like geopathic  stress, Negative cosmic energy, paranormal presence, ghost and black magic frequency using scientific Molecules combination.

" Each Product Unit is Hand Made with high Precision " 

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