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Corporate Area Energy Creation Highest in the World 

Mr.Chetan Parekh B.E. (EC),The Corporate Geomancer

Geomancy PTSD Solutions Pvt Ltd


(Wolrds only Paranormal Area detector and Resolver using Scieitific Way)


Ø Cosmic Energy is such a wonderful free energy which exists and flows every where in the cosmos which provides life force to all living creatures in the cosmos.

Ø Cosmic Energy is the basic connecting energy link between the Cosmos, Galaxies, Planets, Earth, Human, Atoms and Molecules.

Ø To achieve successful results of all our efforts, Planning and actions , Cosmic Energy level in your surroundings must be high, higher and highest. We are using this cosmic energy in our day to day life, corporate business success , Relations, Positive thoughts, Prayers, Meditation , Implementation success, and to achieve highest level of soul connectivity with nature. 

Ø Very shocking results were found that Earth Suffering lines acts as an short circuit elements to the cosmic energy in addition to Negative elements body structures in the surrounding (ORBs etc), human bones,animal bones etc.

Ø Mr.Chetan Parekh has high operating scientific tools to measure the cosmic energy levels , its reasons and findings if cosmic level  is extreme negative. Most of the sites in the recent years are developed as Negative energy site due to certain logics which we discuss with clients upon developing interest.

Ø COSMIC ENERGY is believed to be must for PROSPERITY AND EARNINGS. 










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