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Ø In Latin term, Earth suffering lines are also know as Geopathic stress lines.

Ø Centre of Earth is having high temperature melting metals area range more than 3500 kms and having temperature more than 5000 Deg Cell.

Ø Distortion of Geo electromagnetic field creates Earth Suffering stress. As earnctith rotates , it functions as electromagnet and it generated Electric current which is also called Earth Current.

Ø Earth electromagnetic field is having natural frequency of 7.83 Hz which was identified by Scientist named W.D. Schumann in 1952. This is also called Earth Heart beats. Our human brain also generates almost same frequency oscillation  so since billion of years every living creatures including human, animals,plants etc are tuned to this frequency Earth for stress free living. Any deviation in this frequency of Earth created sudden changes in the behavior of Human, Animals and Plants etc .

Ø And the Problem lies here? Scientists have identified in last century mainly in Germany, France, USA, Japan etc that when this earth oscillation ,emerging due to electromagnetic behavior of earth , passes through certain minerals in earth layers, certain earth channels  and specially water stream or water layers, its frequency value gets distorted from 7.82 Hz to 250 Hz Maximum. Since Human brain is tuned to around 8 Hz basic frequency , any deviation due to earth natures and water stream will create living disorder and DNA damaging process.

Ø  Critical deadly illness like Cancer, Kidney, Brain dead, Tumors etc are the dieseas of Location ? Dr. Hattman , Germany. So Earth suffering lines creates Severe Health and imbalance problems in human DNA and hence failure of efforts due to random decisions in Business and family.

Ø Typical symptoms of Earth Suffering lines are continuous failure everywhere, persisitance illness, illness like cancer , tumor etc,  hyperactive children, cotdeath, nervousness, depression, crying babies, bed wetting, infertility, too much eating, miscarriage, born with defects, Labor management problems, divorece, tuning problem within each individual etc are the most common found effects of Earth Suffering Radiaitions.

Ø More than 80% of Earth Land are having many earth radiation lines. Out of which most familiar and dangerous line are named after each scientist like Hattman Grids, Curry lines, lay Lines, Black streams etc etc.

Ø It Can be conceptualized as earth meridians whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Negative Energy.

ÒHarmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth's surface. ÒHave been dowsed to be anywhere from 1 ft to 900ft deep and from 1ft to 300ft wide.

ÒThe two edge lines and the center line dowse as the strongest, sharpest potentially most dangerous places on the stream for habitual exposure.

ÒHave been known to change their habitual course, especially after earthquakes and droughts.

ÒAre known to be stronger at midday, mid-summer, full moon, and during periods of heightened solar flare (sunspot) activity.

ÒHave been dowsed as inactive in the Canadian tundra during the frozen winter.

ÒAre also known to be associated with higher levels of ionising radiation, lightning strikes and other atmospheric phenomena.

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