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Mr.Chetan Parekh B.E. (EC),The Corporate Geomancer

Geomancy PTSD Solutions Pvt Ltd

(Wolrds only Paranormal Area detector and Resolver using Scieitific Way)



Ø The human is  a product of the cosmic creatures that suffers the process of development in the material world.

Ø All educated and learned people know that the human body contains atoms, molecules etc and due to this atom and molecule , it creates various types of field around the body like electric field, magnetic field, electromagnetic field, gravitational fields etc.

Ø This is called Bio field of Human body. This is also called AURA. It is an reflection of human thoughts and emotion visualized in form of various colors of chakra in and around the human body.

Ø There are two types of Aura(a) Inner Aura (b) Outer aura.

Ø We can identify Negativity of Body and soul using various colors after digital scanning of body using European Products .

Ø Russian Scientist are 50 years ahead in study and research of Human Aura than other countries in the world. This is one of the oldest science of Hindu religion where God  images found with outer bright Aura circles which is nothing but invisible AURA pattern.




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