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 /////Note: Paranormal in Scientific term is generally treated as IR/UV infrared presence and Ultraviolet presence in Body and Environment with Concious centre point. In spiritual terms, this is called Ghost and Black magic which is nothing but harmful frequency present in Body and Surroundings. It can be easily detected by Nano Antenna and can be solved easily scientifically.///////

Ø ORBs have been broadly interpreted as highly variable range of celestial , supernatural, Alians , unknown lights, Angels, Ghosts waves, Black Magic Waves, Energy fields, Energy Patterns etc in the environment where we stay and work.

Ø Surprisingly in last 200 years, Scientists have identified frequency and wavelength of each and every such Paranormal objects and its detection tools and Antenna( Germany).  This is one of the blessed research by  Science that we have proved authenticity of our religious Volumes where all such evidence are common.

Ø There are two types of ORBs are found in the space. One is Spiritual Orbs and second is Ghost soul Orbs. There are more than 15 colors found in Orbs after scanning their images and electromagnetic pattern.

Ø Spiritual Orbs guides us and provide motivation and positive healing based on its size and power.

Ø While Ghost Orbs acts as short circuit elements for Cosmic Energy . Hence indirectly damaging our surrounding by killing Life force available for every human being. Mr. Chetan Parekh has captures many such pictures of Spiritual and Ghost Orbs using his European Scanners.

Ø If Area is Positive than Positive elements like Angels, God , Godess ets are attracted electromagnetically and stays over there for most of the times in form of Orbs. So every sites must be positive for inviting such positive Orbs as per this principle of electromagnetic interference and attraction.

Ø If Area is Negative than Negative Elements like Ghosts, Black Magic, Negative people, Enemies etc get attracted and they stay there for ever as such sites provides high comforts  to such elements.


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