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Mr.Chetan Parekh B.E. (EC),The Corporate Geomancer

Geomancy PTSD Solutions Pvt Ltd

(Wolrds only Paranormal Area dertector and Resolver using Scieitific Way)

 Negative Objects/Items in SURROUNDINGS   


Ø Every Object or Item  prepared from the raw material which has grown on negative land or found from Earth Suffering Areas Creates severe stress in human Brain.

Ø Every objects , items, show piece, TV,   Furnitures, calenders, Cloths, Artificial and Natural Plants or other kind of material can generate stress creating micro electromagnetic waves which effects human brain. Such objects should be moved out of premises immediately.

Ø Mostly Wood based products, Paper Products and Cloths made from cotton and other plantations are found Negatively absorbed in more than 60% cases during my testing.

Ø When Leather Items made From Animal skin died in Accident or force killing is found generating Negative frequency which our machine can identify. We also advise to remove such  items.

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